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Site best viewed with one of the following browsers or higher: Internet Explorer 6.0, Mozilla/Firefox 1.0, Netscape 7.0 or Macintosh IE 5.1.7. The database contains dog & health information provided by owners and breeders of registered Portuguese Water Dogs.     It allows database members to perform queries, to update dog and health information, to view and print reports and to enter a new litter.
  This is not a database of available puppies. If you are looking for a Portuguese Water Dog, the PWDCA supports a program of breeders who provide information on upcoming litters through the Breeder Referral program.  Click here for the page of available puppies.
  Access is available to all PWD owners and breeders who become Health & Litter Database members. A database member is subject to the PWDCA access and participation policy.   Click HERE to view the policy. 


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